Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Letter from Phil Brown

My dear sister in the Lord:

Christy, remember how we met, in the parking lot of the meeting room in Richmond? You were planting trees and started back peddling as I got out of a black van, dressed in black - I hadn’t shaved since leaving Ottawa. I really wanted to go into the mountains and plant trees for six months to get away from it all, but God wisely placed you, and Wayne next, in my path to draw me to keep attending the assembly meetings, which I did. Wayne and yourself soon took me under your wings. I am so thankful for the love of the Colemans.
Remember the birth certificate you and the boys made for me, Phil Brown - property of the Colemans? That was a very special time in my life, living under the Coleman roof - a godly home. The times we spent around the kitchen table fellowshipping with your family, and other saints, were very precious to me. Listening to Wayne unfold the scriptures after supper was a highlight of my day. And your own special sisterly and motherly care for me was a treasure.
Christy, your letter and phone ministry to me after I came back to Ontario and was still single, often picked me up from low places. I remember with delight as you phoned one time when I had come to the end of myself - all I needed was the Lord - nothing else mattered. You ministered to me from the scriptures time and time again, faithfully offering the Word as comfort, guidance, help and hope, sharing the love of the Lord Jesus. Thank you so much dear sister. God bless you.
Phil Brown

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