Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update Oct 25, 2007

It appears that the stable "plateau" that Christy has been on for the last 3 weeks is over now, she has taken another step down. This is apparently how the disease progresses, like going down steps, with sometimes plateaus between steps. The steps down seem to be very marked increases in the disease claiming the resources of the body.

For the last four or five days Christy has been sleeping a lot more, and when awake she has notably lost significant mental clarity; she's very confused, and yet very happy in her spirit. She seems not to be able to carry on much of a conversation at all, except for showing great delight and pleasure that she has been spoken to or visited. The staff here at the hospice have noticed it and advised the doctor. He spoke of more drugs to help with that condition, but I am concerned about this, and would not want to trade her present peaceful situation for an attempt at more alertness and possible negative side affects of anxiousness. We will review the situation tomorrow.

I have seen this before, this inability to connect the dots in conversation... in my dear Mom as she descended into the darkness of Alzheimer's, except in her case there was a lot of fear connected with it. In Christy's case there seems to be perfect peace -- it is incredible, really! She at the present has no comprehension of what is going on around her, apart from her desire to be free of the body and be present with Jesus, this she is able to speak of somewhat.

The morphine dosage was increased 40% yesterday as the pain has been building. This seems to have worked, as only one breakthrough injection was needed in the afternoon yesterday.

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