Sunday, October 28, 2007

Memories, by Chris & Judy

Judy and I have visited Christy and Wayne numerous times in the last six months or so at their home, hospital and hospice. Each time we visited, we talked about life, dying, what it would be like to be with Jesus, our families and so on. I felt we were visiting an angel, someone who was so close to Jesus that she was almost touching Him. In August, we went over to their home and Christy wanted to go for a walk on the dike. We were concerned that it might be too much for her but she really wanted to go. She took her walker and walked about a mile down and back, drinking in the beautiful scenery, sounds, and smells. On the way back, we stopped for a rest and I noticed there were some ripe blackberries along the trail. I picked a few and offered them to Christy. She enjoyed those blackberries so much. She treated them as a gift from God that He had grown for her so she could enjoy them there that day. I will always remember Christy every time I see and taste blackberries. Christy was always so sweet, thinking of others, a peace-maker, close to Jesus, and always enjoying each moment given to her. We will miss her and her sweet smile when she is gone. She has been an example to us all. She has fought the good fight and kept her eyes always on Jesus.
Chris and Judy Coleman
(Chris is a cousin to Wayne)

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