Saturday, October 20, 2007


October 20, 2007
About 3 weeks ago Christy's blood sugar went up quite high (25.5), they said that the steriods have damaged her pancreas and she has become diabetic. The doctor gave her drugs to control it, then stopped administering it as he realized that it was not consistent with her request. No more blood sugar checks have been made. They say that it would likely spike again and she would go into a coma. This has not happened, she appears to be on a plateau again. There is no evidence of cancer spread to the vital organs. Due to only eating a little fruit here and there, she has now lost what looks to me like all muscle and fat, she is just skin and bones. Other than her head and arms, she cannot move her self in bed, even though she has slight sensory feeling in her legs, there is often pain in her right knee, a large tumor has taken over the knee. Being that she is so thin I can plainly see the tumors on her ribs and arm also. The Lord has somehow enabled me to see her like this without falling apart, I don't understand how He has done this in me, but am very thankful for His mercy. Her spirit is so bright and sweet, no complaints at all. She is sleeping at the moment with a beautiful smile on her face, breaking into a grin at times. She is dreaming of something, I wish I knew what it is... she won't be able to remember in order to tell me. She is just happy.

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