Monday, November 5, 2007

From the BC 8's

November 05, 2007
I met Wayne only a short time ago when he was on the hunt for a car, perhaps an inanimate object to take his mind off of the tragedy in his life, even for a moment or two. We talked frequently on the phone and about Christy's illness.
I never got the opportunity to meet Christy but I could tell that she was always there in Wayne's mind and thoughts. Our meetings were brief as he needed to be with her as much as possible to make her final days here as comfortable as possible.
Celebrate her life with you Wayne, and do not dwell on what you do not have the power to change. Be strong for your sons and their families. She is no longer suffering and has gone to a better place.
Fly with the eagles Christy....
Tom Carter, on behalf of the BC 8's

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