Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The funeral service

The funeral and burial service for Christy was a memorable occasion, though it was a very emotional and sad time. There was a large turnout and all the chairs were filled with standing room only. Wayne spoke a bittersweet message and there were few dry eyes in the room. It was a tender, sweet, and touching ceremony. Rachel Zaharik beautifully sang "Here Is Love" accompanied by Jeremy and Peter on the cello and guitar. There were many emotional moments: Christy's last words ("I'm going to see Jesus") were played; further on, Wayne picked up his granddaughter Melissa who had fallen asleep on her chair and read the letter that Christy had written to her; and at the end of his speaking, Wayne removed his ring and laid it on Christy's still hands in the casket. There were many tears running down a great number of faces, but it was still more sweet than sad, and especially for those who have hope of seeing this beautiful woman again in glory!
The entire Coleman family wishes to thank all who came, sent flowers, made donations to the SA Rotary Hospice, took part in the funeral or graveside, helped, contributed, volunteered, or otherwise participated to make the event special and memorable and a true tribute to Christy's life. Nearly all who came loved and appreciated Christy, and she loved them sincerely. She would have been overwhelmed, overjoyed, and amazed at the outpouring of love everyone showed. A very clear message went out at the service demonstrating Christy's great desire that there would be those who would come to know her Lord Jesus as a result of her death. If she knew there would be just one soul who came to Christ because of her death, she would have willingly died just for that one person! May her wish come true, if it has not already.

Heart of flowers and photo of Christy as a bride - this is, after all, what she is going to be, part of the bride of Christ!

David and kids remembering Christy

Wayne chose to leave his ring with his beloved Christy. Notice she is wearing (it was her desire)
a little bracelet that her granddaughter Abbie made for her some time ago.

The last earthly goodbyes

The Men in Blue - the Priority team - had the honour of being the

Click on any of the above photos to view the entire web album from Christy's funeral and also at the cemetery.

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