Monday, November 12, 2007

In memory of a very kind and lovely Lady

Hi, My only encounter with Christy was a brief visit to Vancouver in September 2003 whilst searching for Technician positions in the Vancouver Area. Wayne had more than kindly offered me a room at his house in the basement for the duration of my stay in Vancouver. Priority had recently relocated to their new offices and Wayne and Christy were in the process of wrapping up their house prior to moving on. I always remember my first meeting Christy when I arrived, I wondered how these nice people would invite a complete and utter stranger into their house. They welcomed me with open arms and a very friendly smile. They gave me a key and invited me to come and go as I liked. So later in the day I sloped off to find something for dinner, on return I found that they had prepared a place at their table for me. I don't remember if I ate with them that night but I did enjoy their after dinner treat. They had a slab of very good chocolate which they liked to chip small chunks off.I must admit that over the few days I spent with Wayne and Christy I was made to feel very at ease and we spent long hours talking into the new day to come. Christy was a very good and kind Lady, the family she has left behind are most certainly a tribute to both her and Wayne's influence in both spirit and manner. I am sure that she touched many peoples lives and continues still to do so in all our memories.

My heart felt sympathy and love goes to all her nearest and dearest

Kindest regards

Kevin Capper
London UK

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