Saturday, November 3, 2007

From a neighbour back on Heather street

Dear Wayne and family,

Like most men, I find it hard to say or write anything of substance when it comes to expressing feelings about the loss of a friend or loved one. Society seems to frown upon men showing any sign of "weakness", as it were. But after sitting and listening to you at the service and seeing the outpouring of love from you and the reciprocation from all that attended, I feel better equipped to express how I feel about you, your family and Christy.

We met probably ten years ago Wayne; two skinny, middle aged cyclists riding down the road, eyeing each other like dogs circling each other on a street corner, each looking for a sign of weakness in the other. After a suitable test of each others strengths we became casual, but good friends, especially when we discovered we lived not two blocks from one another. About the same time we met, I had been noticing a very lovely woman walking our neighbourhood streets on a daily basis; always with a long flowing dress and a kerchief on her head, walking square shouldered with a grace and lightness of step I had seldom seen before. She was quick with a smile and unafraid to make eye contact with me, a total stranger on the street. I had no idea who she was and was pleasantly surprised to discover she was your wife after one of our rides one day. Our rides morphed into walks with our dogs, Chloe and Mitsy, and exchanges of knowledge and labour (you were always there to help with any and all of my technical problems; I, not so much for you). I was so amazed at how insightful Christy was. She could read the pain on my face as I went through a bad patch with my then teen-aged daughter and offered advice and support which helped me through that period. That was her mission in life and she fulfilled it well. Her smile and countenance were enough to disarm the entire military of any war-mongering nation. It is such a shame we could not have broadcast the serenity of her soul to the whole world and perhaps brought about ever lasting peace. She touched all that met her and left an everlasting impression on people, something that very few in this world are capable of doing.

We lost touch when you moved from our neighbourhood in 2004, partly because we were both so absorbed in our businesses and partly because we were separated by a greater physical distance. When I frist heard the Christy had been diagnosed with cancer, I felt that no mortal disease could ever conquer that woman. She had the strength to overcome anything. And even when I received the news from sources over the past few months, advising me she was slipping nearer to death, I could not help but think that this was impossible. Christy would pull through because she was the miracle woman! No need to worry. Alas, when I received your e-mail last Monday, I freely admit I wept in my office, as I am sure many others did. You were so very lucky to have spent many years next to her Wayne, for she was an angel.

I am pleased you created this blog as it has given many, like myself, the opportunity to express our love for you in a way that is at once contemplative and comfortable. Not all of us can make our feelings known face to face.

with best wishes,
your friend,
Al Clark

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