Thursday, November 1, 2007

Memories from Shannon Walker

Dear Wayne,
Here I sit having just read your blog regarding 'thy beloved' ... and the photo gallery, WOW, Sue Parenteau, Aunt Helen and the 5 generations, your wedding - that must have been in the 'old' meeting room - what memories! You so prove that there is true JOY in the Journey ...
Memories were so flowing as I read ... I remember the day Jeff was born, Karen (Harman) and I came to the hospital to see Christy, (and I believe that was New Years day!) and yes, her Bible was open then too, at Psalms 139, to which she told us -then single- girls, how she now has experienced in a new and awesome way the verse "for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" (she enjoyed the verses starting with 'thou hast covered me in my mother's womb' to verse 18) ... many years later (1995) when it was my turn, at the birth of my first born in that hospital room I thought of Christy and turned to Psalms 139 also and wrote that in her baby book : ) In my daughter's room hangs the text you gave us for a wedding gift with Christy's hand writing on the back with her message; you 2 so magnify Christ's love together ... then to find out in your photo gallery that she too is a 'cat' person, the text is a picture of a kitten : ) And now at the end of her life this truly is her verse, for she is and was so 'wonderfully made' even in her bodily weakness. Beautiful.
When I first heard of Christy's cancer, I thought, 'she's a young wife, mother and grandmother, she has a husband, children and grandchildren that adore her, she has soooo much to live for!' To see in this blog, how she, as her life was drawing to a close so willingly surrendered it back to the One who had so blessed her in her life, why? She saw that One at the entrance to glory, her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! "Sir, we would see Jesus". What a living testimony, what an example for us. Beautiful again!
I think I have to go and cry a little now, but reading Christy's life and death I'm not sure if they are tears of joy or sorrow, I think both. I pray for you on Saturday Wayne, I thought of closing this note with "because He lives, I can face tomorrow", then thinking of what lies ahead for you both tomorrow and Sat. I can't help but cry again and bear you up before the throne of grace. As my mother has faced this day more than once, she has proved and testified that He does give strength for the day, He does give songs in the night.
Because He lives, I CAN face tomorrow,
In His everlasting Arms
Shannon (Clark : ) Walker

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