Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If I could ask Christy this!


"What will it be to dwell above,
And with the Lord of glory reign,
Since the blest knowledge of His love
So brightens all this dreary plain?"

She would probably say something like this:

"No heart can think, no tongue can tell,
What joy [it is] with Christ to dwell!"

But we can speculate what it will be like:

When sin no more obstructs the sight,
And flesh and sense deceive no more,
When we shall see the Prince of light,
And all His works of grace explore,
What heights and depths of love divine
Will there through endless ages shine!

When God has fixed the happy day,
When the last tear shall dim our eyes;
When He will wipe these tears away,
And fill our hearts with glad surprise;
To hear His voice, and see His face,
And know the fulness of His grace!

(words by Joseph Swain)

Ah, words do not do it justice, I believe. For there are no earthly words that can describe the pleasure we will experience of seeing our Lord and Savior face to face and to behold His beauty and His glory. Right now we are just waiting for the "Rapture"....when our eyes at last shall see Whom our hearts have loved so long!

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