Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Memories from the girls of Gramma

Abigail's memories
Before she died she would always say "I cannot wait to see you in heaven, dancing and skipping with the Lord Jesus!"

When we went to Gramma's house, she would get out the playdoh and we would make play doh cakes and she would pretend to eat them. We pretended it was her birthday! We would even sing Happy Birthday.

She would read us lots and lots and lots of books every time we went to her house. Even when she was not feeling that well.

Whenever we had to leave to go home, we were always so disappointed. We wanted to stay there longer.

I remember Mitsy, Gramma's dog. She would run and around and chase her tail whenever we would come over. She was glad to see us, and Gramma would always laugh at Mitsy. Mitsy was Gramma's special friend, but she died.

Annie, the cat, was another good friend of Gramma's. Annie took good care of Gramma.

I used to have long talks with Gramma on the phone. Almost every time, Gramma would say "Annie's jumping up on my lap now" and Gramma would hold up the phone to Annie to say Hi. We would have good conversations together.

Bethany's Memories

We would always pick flowers from the yard before coming into Gramma's house. She would say "Oh thank you girls! Let's get a glass and put the flowers in some water." Her whole windowsill would be full of flowers.

And I remember she would always smile every time I saw her. She was never unhappy. I never saw her unhappy.

She would always tikkie our backs with her "tikkie" nails!

Gramma would always stand at the end of the driveway and blow kisses and wave and blow more kisses until we were out of her sight. We never saw her go back inside because she'd always wait.

She would always wear pink and purple and light blue and dark blue. She usually wore long skirts.

I remember we would always make cards for her at her house.

And she would make us boiled eggs and put them in special egg cups, a boy and a girl and a baby. She always did it, but we wanted them that way too.

She would take us for walks on the dike, as long as she was able to walk.

She always made blueberry smoothies every time we'd go to her house.

Melissa has no memories of Gramma, so she had nothing to add. :(

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