Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We miss her

As I go through the day now, my mind often goes to Christy and how much we miss her. And I am once again impressed by the frailty of life. Our life and breath is a daily gift from our Maker - Christy was well aware of that. But knowing we will never see her again on earth, never hear her loving voice, never be able to enjoy the friendship and kind compassion of dear Christy brings tears to my eyes and I marvel at how death is as real as life. Some days I look at the photo of her on my fridge and almost can't believe she's really gone. I wish she was still here, though healthy. I wish I could still call her on the phone and talk like we used to so often. I wish I could ask her to pray knowing that she truly cared and would definitely pray. But then I think about how much she longed for this, how MUCH she wanted to be with her Lord, whom having not seen she loved! And I think of the untold wonder and unspeakable joy she is experiencing now, uninterupted bliss, completely at peace and rest. And I cannot but be happy for her. Life here goes on for us, and we are the ones who must carry on living, carrying her memories with us, until the moment we are caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air!

Here are some lines from a poem at my Grandma (Vivienne's) funeral.

Grieve not because the eyes that looked upon you
Shall never see your face on earth again,
Rejoice because they look upon the Saviour
Who gave His life to ransom sinful men.

Weep not because I walk no longer with you,
Remember I am walking streets of gold,
Weep for yourselves that you awhile must tarry
Before the blessed Lord you may behold.

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